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The "Greater Good" And The Obama Vs Mccain 2008 Election

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작성자 Connie Stell 작성일22-11-17 02:34 조회7회 댓글0건


There is no Democrat who can beat them in the primary and no credible Republican opponents. John McCain has been a George Bush lap dog on any issue of importance and he is such an obviously calculating politician, he probably can't win the Republican primary. By now, sixty percent of the voters can recognize a Republican lie when they hear it and they yearn for Democrat lies, which Hillary will supply in abundance.

malaysia election Greece may not be a good example right now. But ancient Athens was the 'cradle of democracy'. And even with all its problems, and ten political parties vying for an opportunity to solve them, Greece can still prepare for elections without long mind-numbing dato ramanan ramakrishnan political campaigning. Its Prime Minister resigned on April 12, and called for a national election on May 6, and when the results were fragmented, another national election has been called for June 17. And none of the parties protest that there isn't enough time to make their views known to voters and have their promises considered.

So conservatives are faced with a choice. Abandon what they truly believe in and vote for McCain just because he's a republican. Or search for the best candidate for them. I choose the latter.

I mean how many times do we need the opinions and sometimes twisted facts about Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama, and their respective party's positions, hammered at us by the opposing sides and their supporting media friends, before we have enough information to make an informed decision?

At least the Lions won in the preseason. Buddy just couldn't get it going for himself. Fortunately he didn't have any expectations. He is on the edge between credible and fringe candidate, but we'll give him the fact that he was elected as a governor. And ten is a much nicer number than nine.

But McCain's campaign advisers stood up and made their candidate face a hard reality; something the Obama campaign has had difficulty. McCain not only listened to the feedback but based his decision on it.

The fact of the matter is this year's presidential election process has been boring. It's the equivalent of watching grass grow everyday for six hours. Not that I don't love politics and the bickering and infighting and speculation that McCain or Clinton was out of the race months ago. But for this campaign to have lasted over 480 days by the time the conventions roll around, that's absurd.

Rubio beat Governor Crist (twice, if you count bailing from the GOP primary), so what's next for the Governor? "Going fishing and finishing strong for the people of Florida" he said earlier. I'll miss our wacky Governor's survival antics and one-liners. This is probably going to be it for him. I actually hope not and would like to see him pop up on television somewhere. He's just too much fun to watch.


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