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I've been noticing a little facial hair growth and also some increase in muscle mass. Being in a pressure suit talking to green squid on a methane moon wouldn’t increase my upper bounds. It wouldn’t have surprised me if a saucer had come to pick me up. If Christopher Guest was an animator for Adult Swim, his latest flick ("For Your Consideration") would have probably turned out a lot like the IFC original series "Hopeless Pictures." It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, then, to discover that Bob Balaban is the man behind all the action. Mom also never told me that she loved me, although she did sign, "Love, Mom," on letters and greeting cards when I was an adult. "Searchers." The letters stand for the "Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence." Which is not to say that SETI doesn’t exist outside the imaginations of all these starry-eyed (and radiowavy-eared) seekers.

William Burroughs likes to say "the word is a virus," and Laurie Anderson made a song out of it. He’s so smart he can say his own name, and he’s so famous all the other dogs talk about him. Sociobiologists have pointed out that a human can be thought of either as 1) a big meat machine for making copies of its DNA, or 2) a big computer for storing and replicating ideas. They have bigger brains than we do, and they sing weird songs, so its safe to assume that their brains are storing and generating information structures at least as complex as the structures that we fiddling monkeys use. I’m ALREADY visiting a weird planet with colorful flora and fauna. Because space opera is really so quite essentially bogus because like maybe there really ISN’T any hyperdrive, and we really WILL always be pretty much confined to this planet and environs.

All the weirdness and alienness I’m capable of perceiving is already somewhere here on this planet. Click Here For Full Cartoon Characters and Crew List
Color U.S.A. I want it to matter, and I want it to be interesting, just as it is, here and now. I don’t want the gee-whiz, what-if world, I want the world that I see every morning. Do you see elephants coding up bitstrings of prime numbers and beaming them out to us as radio waves? Why not gravity waves or quarkon flux? Why would be be able to talk to mucus-oozing methane slugs when we can’t even talk to elephants? I guess its because I think talk of UFOs and ETs distracts the mind from the true wonder of the actual world. Why would ETs everywhere use radio forever? Why? If you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself. So why would the squids in NGC 69 be doing it? Why am I being such a wet blanket? 2011 Mar 22, In Mexico’s western state of Michoacan unidentified gunmen killed Jose Luis Guerrero, the police chief of the town of La Piedad as he headed home.

2011 Feb 3, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed into law a measure allowing early presidential elections. I dig UFO novels more, actually, than space opera. Finding out what we love to do and how to do it, Creating deeper intimacy; Attracting supportive, safe people; Creating a safety net that we can fall fearlessly into and not be ashamed; Rejoicing in learning what can and cannot be controlled; and Creating ritual, ceremony, and sacred space wherever we are. Stephen King. I love to ride my motorcycle. King Ho-lu said: "Since you have found an excuse to advance this shih, I want to have him brought in." He questioned Sun Tzu about military strategy, and each time that he laid out a section of his book the king could not praise him enough. There are at least 15 simultaneous sessions at any time in MozFest. I think other people are aliens, I think animals are aliens, I think objects are aliens, I think the laws of nature are aliens, and I even think that thoughts are aliens. People labor under the chronic illusion that the present moment is the apex and culmination of all past history. Jennings admits that in the past some guests have abused his hospitality.

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