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6 Tips on $255 Payday Loans Online Same Day You Cannot Afford To miss

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ACE Elite Prepaid Debit Card Review

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ACE Elite Prepaid Debit Card Review
by Spencer Tierney Senior Writer | Certificates of deposit ethics, ethical banking, bank deposit accounts Spencer Tierney is a consumer banker at NerdWallet. He has been writing about personal finance since 2013 with a particular focus on certificates of deposit and other banking-related subjects. He has had his work featured on The Washington Post, USA Today, The Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times, among others. The location of his work is Berkeley, California.

October 1 October 1, 2018

Editor: Amy Hubbard Amy is a former editor in the banking industry and copy editor for NerdWallet. She previously worked as a writer and editor at the Los Angeles Times, the L.A. Daily News and the Hollywood Reporter, among other publications.

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for ACE Cash Express

The ACE Elite prepaid debit card may cost more than it's worth. The card, administered by NetSpend as well as issued by MetaBank it comes with additional features that aren't found offered by other pre-paid cards, for example, savings accounts with interest-bearing however, the fees are significant. If you're able to deposit direct it is possible to reduce some of the costs. But there are .
Find out more about the ACE Elite's charges and other services.
Ideal for:
Those who can't create a bank account, are looking to receive direct deposits and can take advantage of Savings feature.

It's free to sign up for the card online. It's also easy. You'll need your Social Security number when you sign up, however there's no credit verification.
Discount on monthly fee. If you've at least $500 in direct deposits monthly (from government or payroll benefits), you can be included in the FeeAdvantage Plan that costs $60 a year.
Two days or more for direct deposit. Companies and government agencies may transfer your funds before the official payday, but banks generally wait for money. ACE Elite can process direct payments faster, but it is contingent on the time they receive your cash in a timely manner.
Monthly plans do not have charges for purchases. Most prepaid debit cards don't charge fees to use the cards at shops however ACE Elite's pay-as you-go plan includes a fee of one dollar per transaction. The card's two monthly plans, however, keep purchases free.
Three free reload options. Transfers online, directly from the bank account, made from other ACE Elite card and mobile check deposits that process for 10 days are all free. Transfers from bank accounts could be free, however it is dependent on the bank.
Has savings account with an APY of 5% for the first $1,000. This year-round percentage rate is very high however after the first $1,000, the interest rate is reduced to 0.50% APY for the remaining balance. This means you can earn $50 in interest for the first $1,000, and $5 for the next $1,000 then the same amount for the next. If you are paying an entire year's worth in monthly charges, however, that cost alone might outweigh whatever you earn in interest.

>> See more options Take a look at our list of
The monthly fees are high. Prepaid debit cards tend to charge a monthly amount of $5, on average, but the ACE Elite fee is $9.95.
Other charges. If you don't use the ACE Elite card for 90 days or ask for a check for the balance remaining on your card and you're charged a $5.95 fee. There's also a fee to purchase the card in stores for up to $9.95; a $1 fee for transactions that are declined; and charges for certain calls to customer support.
No free-withdrawal network for any customers. Cash withdrawal in any ATM over the counter at a bank, it costs $2.50 every time.
Has optional overdraft program. One of the major selling points for many prepaid debit cards is not having overdraft fees if your account goes into negative. ACE Elite, like other NetSpend-managed credit cards, offers an overdraft program with 15 overdraft charges and a maximum of 3 per month. It is less expensive than many banks' programs for overdrafts, but isn't the best choice to help you budget.
There's no way for you to transfer money manually, but it's easy. Online transfers take days to process and the option for processing mobile check deposits within minutes costs up to 2% or more for each check amount.
There is no free-reloading network. Cash reloads from retailers that are part of NetSpend's reload network including CVS Pharmacy and 7-Eleven, are instant but carry a fee, typically $3.95 and varying by store. Some locations don't charge, however, some do.

Overview of prepaid debit cards
What is a pre-paid debit card?
A Prepaid debit card can be described as a form of payment card that only allows you to spend the funds you load onto the card. They don't help you build credit. Like a debit card, it can be used at any store which accepts its payment network, such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express. It's safer and more convenient than cash. Most prepaid cards have a mobile app to deposit checks or transfer money. Find out more about our guide on the prepaid debit card.
In contrast to checking accounts, debit cards that are prepaid could not offer certain services like free ATM or branch networks, checks, among others. If this doesn't suit you, check out our list of best checking accounts. If you've had trouble with banks previously you can look into second chance checking options.
Prepaid debit card vs. debit card vs. credit card
Credit cards with prepaid cards pay before you load funds onto the card using cash, checks direct deposit, or a bank account before paying for transactions.
Cardholders with debit cards- pay today Use funds directly from a checking account when making purchases or withdrawing money from an ATM.
Credit cards -Pay later: You can borrow money from a bank when you make use of the card. You pay the money back later.

What is the procedure for FDIC insurance for prepay cards function?
Prepaid debit cards nearly always have FDIC insurance, which helps keep your money safe in the event that the issuer fails to pay its bills. Only financial institutions are eligible for FDIC insurance, which means a prepaid card is either managed by a bank or a prepaid credit card company that has a partnership with a bank in order to provide this insurance. It is necessary to register your debit card in a prepaid account with your name and other information about your identity in order to be eligible for FDIC insurance as well as other protections.

About the author: Spencer Tierney is an expert on deposits and certificates at NerdWallet. His work has been highlighted on USA Today and the Los Angeles Times.

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